On Leaving

Allow me some ramblings…the photo may not be as breath – taking as some people would look at it to be…

Sometime ago, I think I’ve lost one of my precious friend. And I know I am so attached to le friend so it was a bit hard- to write and explore poetry or, to take my camera and be inspired to the wondrous beauty waiting for me to capture and make physical…it was like I’m losing everything, when in fact I’m just losing my best friend. And one person could never mean the world to me, because I would be unfair to myself. Yes, the friendship that when I talk about and explicate to you what we’ve been through, I would vomit cheese on my keyboard. That kind of friendship, and y’all gonna puke reading it, so I’m saving you the trouble of not hearing it.

I was sitting one day, and I realized- there were astounding beauties that only last for a series of seconds, like the golden hour. And you knew you’ve never seen such breath-taking beauty but then you could leave it. I’ve seen few of the ravishing beauty of nature, like one of the 2012’s 7 wonders of the world but, as annihilating as the aesthetic of it gets and is, i have to leave it. That’s when I realized, I could leave anything. It sounds so terrible, but the truth is, impermanence is the way of the world. And it doesn’t mean I don’t love these people, as horrible as this may sound, I learned to love myself first and with full confidence,and I honestly think more than anything, it is blessing in itself. To realized, that however beautiful and ravishing anything in this world is, I could leave it- is one of the most enlightening moment of my life…because I never lose anything, I carry it within my heart…



when was the last time you listened to your heart?

when was the last time you listened to your heart?

..the please forgive this, please forget that, please love a little more, please be stronger than before? the cries of your perfectly beating  heart when it knows you’re being hard by the minute and all it wants was for you to try a little more and love some more and more and when you feel like giving up, you give some more?

sky isn’t the limit :)

i can not express enough how much i love the clouds and the sky.

i feel like i can take pictures of them together forever.

no matter what, you will never be able to take bad photos of them and i think that’s really a good thing.


the clouds change it’s form more than i want them to stay on my perceived shape of them. same goes with my life. no matter how i want everything to be the same, no matter how tight i hold on, i will have to let go. soon. one day. someday. it all depends on Mr. Change’s mood. i don’t know when to draw the line between knowing when to let go and ’till when to hold on. HA!  but i discovered something, my heart don’t have to forget. i can always carry those i love here. and that’s what i’ve been doing. my heart is the greatest form of memory for those who touched and are still touching my life in a million ways i would’ve never thought possible! and because of it, i am thinking of trying to know change a little better i’m gonna have to let my heart work harder. but that’s okay! my heart and even yours loves to love anyway! i think my hear’ts smarter than me. 🙂

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