Waking Up Next To You

across this bed,

is my cup of happiness

how could breaths be this beautiful and


be forgiving and loving?
across this bed,

lies my daily habit the

You to all my-

I love
across this bed, 

I could write an endless love poems

but I won’t. Because across this bed

my greatest love poem lies

across this bed

there is you….

#100tula #21tula 22.10.17buesirie


If I Needed to Become a River

I, always thought I’m too much that

not everyone can withstand me and

just like a fire,

all I know is how to burn

Lately, I feel I like I have to become

bigger than

the Great Chicago fire, to make up for all your love


could stretch out to few infernos


Sometimes, I feel like-

you are asking me to flow

and I am no river you know

I have always been a fire

I either burn or glow

if I could expand myself enough for

me to create a fire of waves

be an ocean full of flames

would I be enough?

lately, you are growing so fast and wide

I am no longer sure if

if I can stretch myself further

for us to be together 

after all, I’m just a fire

and I can only do so much until

my flame starts getting weaker

and my heart gets cold..

2017.21.10 bluesirie

A never ending letter to him

“Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.”
Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine

If I could have the courage to be vulnerable
I’d still want you to be the one-
break me, open; shatter me to a million pieces
so no one can ever put my puzzle back

If I could only look back one day ’bout my past
I’ll stop for the time you said we should really kiss
let your breath stain my mouth to-
later be trace and ink permanently on my lips

If I could only write one theme for all my life
I’d choose the topic about the man I love
made up of organic beauty and string of words
hang it like a noose ’round my heart

If I could be in a place where you and I could both meet
and courage rewards as a little infinity,
when love looks exactly like your eyes
then maybe, this is life’s greatest gift-
an eternal love
through the man I love…

Bluesirie 20130710

To Love a Writer (Le Sigh)

Today I highlighted another string of words
from the book you have written
I wish to draw out all my strength
-use it against you, cease writing about you
But, I remember
I love reading
I believe it’s the first thing I’ve learned-
even first than breathing.

So, sometimes I wonder
If I really love you
or it’s just the books
you have written…

Bluesirie 20130610

You never really loved me

“He never really loved you”
I keep repeating this to myself
until I find the courage to believe it
You never really loved me

You’re just in love with the idea of me-
falling in love with you
Ecstatic about your own creation-
of wild imagination

Where you and I could exist
Dissolve in each other’s arms
Lost within the curves of our bodies
But you never really loved me

Because it isn’t love when you’re doing it to everybody
It isn’t love when every girls and I have no difference on you
It isn’t love when I’m treated like everyone else you met
Because you never really loved me

I wasn’t special. I thought we’re a pair of earrings
But you were never really searching for your other half
It was so wrong of me to think we’re a pair
When you’re on your own,

like a necklace that could drape on everybody’s neck
Where almost anyone
could absolutely

fit in…

And I am sorry,
but I believe there’s someone
(or something)
Exclusively for me
And damn I demand no less!

So maybe, you don’t deserve me
After all, you never really
loved me…

© Bluesirie 20130608