April 20th

Love and Allergy

there are allergies
within my skin
It can be treated by-
a simple tablet, but-

it seems the day
you left
I’ve been tending to an allergy
I don’t know how to mend

and though scars
have always been the product
I’ll keep multiplying the days
when this vulnerability strikes

if only to meant
happiness on your end
even for just-
the fastest series of


©Bluesirie 20130419


April 18th

The Clock

Time lingers for no one
regardless of who you are
yet, what’s in a time?

What’s in a second?
Minutes in an hour and
hours to make up a day?

Another concept of human?
stuff to cover the void,
reassurance to find solace?

Could we live outside its touch?
The world could crumble
yet, time would endure

I heard the car door slam,
and immediately looked out the clock
What time is it?

Time where-

you could be heartbroken
you could be grieving
you could be dying

Time when-

you are celebrating
you are joyous
you are on top

indifference, detachment
Time mastered these

to refrain from-

breaking, like you and me
enjoying, like you and me
being attach, like you and me

Time lingers for no one
regardless of who you are
yet, what’s in a time?

©Bluesirie 20130418

April 16th

I never meant to make you cry

I presume love would exalt us
that hope will direct our growth
with grace to shelter our hearts
and faith to an everlasting us….

If you could rip my chest open
you’d know it’s constantly broken
from the moment we’ve been apart
to this day I’m breathing my heart

We- were both shattered to pieces
I can not feel something, you can not
and if I have mourned a thousand nights
you dreaded light when it yields to the dusk

I feel them all, yet more-
you succumbed to desolation’s call
We didn’t mean to torment us
and this love to burn us whole-

still, a journey we bravely walked on
by the end of my life, I’ll engross a history
where once upon a time, there was you and me
that even destiny, would never disagree….

“I never meant to make you cry”-
was all you could say, you know what’s better?
I know we both made each other cry
and to top that? We agreed we’d do it over
if it meant together, once more…

©Bluesirie 20130415

April 14th

Beaten Path

It must have been onerous
to mature as you are
the agony of living alone
leaning on no one

I couldn’t write your pain
how you weep inside
why hope become a stranger
and love you couldn’t meet

It scares me
to unravel a suffering
that could break me
in the process of discovering

But, allow me to- hold you
in ways no one ever could
in details you’ll treasure
in an infinite moment times infinity

and I swear, goodness I swear
I will dive in your pool of ache
cherish your every scars
one by one
by one by one-

for they have beaten a path that-
leads to a long lost

©Bluesirie 201304

April 13th

Mentor Me


He drove me unto these
I learned a thing or two
but it wasn’t ’till he’s gone
occured to me what he’s done

The tender hearted,
an arm always extended,
from time, forever suspended-
for you, have departed

but you’ll live in my heart
with the knowledge you impart
the memories we shared
how you invariably cared

Mentor me a thing or two
matters not, I’ll remember you
for you’ve impacted my life,
helped me, depleted my strife…


April 10th

The Great Fire

They say, I am not written in stone
that anytime I could- set myself on fire
then like a star- explode
but, I’ve fixed my heart on you

They say, this too shall pass
in profound details tell me
someone who gave you reasons to live-
how could you- let go and leave?

They say, nothing is permanent
even our lives, for sure
but if I die and remain true to you
won’t they somehow reconsider my love for you?

They say, nothing comes above love
is it also written in stone?
Because then, I shall carve your love
permanently keep it within my heart…

okay, this a form invented by one of my poet friend, his name is G, ermmm..his blog’s name is Gavriel’s Muse, ohhh merrr gawwwd, you should check him out he is one of the best!!!!!