Breaking Up (I)

When you told me you wanted to have a break

I think I panicked

Something in me died

But it was too much

I couldn’t feel anything, I was




I said that it’s okay

I tried to be harsh with my words

But I think it’s too late

It’s a sinking ship

And I’m the captain who

refuses to abandon his own

I do not know how to stop you from leaving

I do not know what to say

I never tried begging,

but now that you’re leaving

how should I be healing?

I do not know how to deal with the pain

The longing, the indescribable ache

The reality of you being gone

Tell me how to forget you

Without resenting you?

Because the only way I can move on

Is if I think you did me wrong

But you never once did…

Not once…

bluesirie 28.05.17


You Said I Was Too Much, So I Decided to Let You Go

This will be the last poem I will bleed for you

But this won’t be the last love poem I’ll breathe life into

You will not be the last person I will break my heart open either

Someone who think of me as such, couldn’t be my last 

Notice how every line has the word ‘last’ in it?

Because I thought we would last

I thought, this is my forever at last!

Turns out, this isn’t and you’re now my past…

When you said I am too much, did you mean

Because I want the kind of love that annihilate me?

Or is it because I want all of you, not just bits and pieces but all of them?!

Or is it because I want what I want and I’ll never shrink myself to fit into your hands?

When you said I am too much

You probably forgot that I matter

I occupy space, I have a mass that could weigh weak people down

You forgot I am important 

When you said I am too much

It burns like betrayal

You held my body, we were on fire and at those moments

You never think I was too much, did you?

When you said I am too much

You did not only break me into a thousand pieces

You also broke all the unbreakable things I thought

Would be unbreakable by now

When you said I am too much

You forgot to remember that I also love too much

And that forgetting you would turn my world upside down

Because I don’t know how to give less

Because I am too much, so is my heart….

27.10.2017 ©bluesirie

I Don’t Need You

I want the kind of love that consumes me,I want all-

or nothing.
If you’re kind of love is

“I only love you when we’re together”,

I don’t want your love.
If you can’t ask the person you made love with last night

how she’s doing the next day

but could read news on Facebook 

you are not the one for me.
If you are the type to make lame excuses on how you couldn’t message me

you are not the one for me.
I am too much.

If you can’t keep up all of me

I’m sorry to disappoint you but-

you are definitely not the one for me…

26.10.2017 ©bluesirie

A Love to Last

they say, “we rise by lifting others”

I would climb 29,029 ft

that’s the Mount Everest for you

ascend up to 2,722 ft and that’s 

the tallest man-made building

I would lift you up again and again

and if you fall and fail 

stuck up in a well

I will be there,

so you don’t have to be alone

remind you over and over

that we only fall

in order to rise

and I don’t know how to love

a perfect love

but I know how to love

a love that lasts…

25.10.2017 bluesirie

Good Love

When I said I want a good love

I meant, I want a love that will choose me


I meant, I want someone who will be with me

even when I’m unbearable, impossible
even on days when I’m a reiterating mistake
specially on days when I’m a weeping orchestra
I want a good enough love that will stay

When I said I want a good love

I didn’t mean it to be you

but when I meant a good love

there’s just no one like you…