No matter what, people are beautiful. They can be broken or whole or abused or depressed or fearful or crazy beautiful, but still we are- beautiful, and with full confidence on that, and no freaking excuse or write up or poem, prose or a book about being abused or maltreated could ever change that…

This is a rambling beware! Lol!

I figured some people may never understand why something so horrible like being abused could be stated as something beautiful or achingly beautiful, why? Because we need to hold on to pain??? I don’t understand! Sure enough, being maltreated is not a good thing, so why am I saying it’s beautiful to begin with?

I know what it feels like to be abused, be depressed, I know it like the back of my hands. If something was written in regards to abuse and depression and I said it is beautiful if only for the thought that it was written beautiful and I could relate to it, does the author have to really drag the readers to just try to enlighten them that no, this is dark and bad and you should be angry or sad but you don’t give me a comment it’s beautiful. What was that all about? You know readers are humans too, they think, though there are times some don’t. But that’s another story. lol! don’t tell me how to interpret your writings, don’t tell me which is beautiful and which isn’t. In the event that you do, I would never even want to read any single write from you, no matter how good you are, because it just shows how emotionally unprepared you are for the moment. Okay, I won’t get personal, I might read them but you’ll get no reaction from me. haha! Of course, I think highly of my self worth like that 😜

A writer, if I perceived you are, can not always spoon-feed the thoughts in your reader’s mind. or at least that’s how I thought it is. Haha You can not always do that. One way or another people will interpret your writings 180 degrees and you may get sad and heart broken that it wasn’t your intention or message, butpeople are freaking different! Seriously, if you care about your writings being misinterpreted, then don’t post them at all! When things are posted public there’ll always be different views about it, and I personally think, it is one of the writer’s job to try to understand various views while not drowning into any of the views/ dramas given, for at the end of the day, a writer knows what he had written…of course bullying aside, that’s another story

If I say I find your write beautiful even though it is horrible and dark, shouldn’t you think I might be referring to your skills as how you’ve written it? There are various ways to interpret something, it can not be that just because it is death we are talking about, it has to be all sad, no! Moreover, just because we talked about life, it urgently feeds beauty..

Chances of your writings, our poems, of being misinterpreted and taken out of context will always be there, waiting to grab us and pull us down. But, you know there are a lot of like minded people who will always connect and sometimes I don’t understand, why a simple but meaningful ‘beautiful’ compliment could be taken out, of context too…


sky isn’t the limit :)

i can not express enough how much i love the clouds and the sky.

i feel like i can take pictures of them together forever.

no matter what, you will never be able to take bad photos of them and i think that’s really a good thing.


the clouds change it’s form more than i want them to stay on my perceived shape of them. same goes with my life. no matter how i want everything to be the same, no matter how tight i hold on, i will have to let go. soon. one day. someday. it all depends on Mr. Change’s mood. i don’t know when to draw the line between knowing when to let go and ’till when to hold on. HA!  but i discovered something, my heart don’t have to forget. i can always carry those i love here. and that’s what i’ve been doing. my heart is the greatest form of memory for those who touched and are still touching my life in a million ways i would’ve never thought possible! and because of it, i am thinking of trying to know change a little better i’m gonna have to let my heart work harder. but that’s okay! my heart and even yours loves to love anyway! i think my hear’ts smarter than me. 🙂

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