Tell Me How to Love You and I’ll Do it

If there’s a way to love you betterIf there’s a way to love you kinder

Tell me now, say it louder

I swear I’ll do just that

so we could always be together…

29.10.2017 ┬ębluesirie


You Said I Was Too Much, So I Decided to Let You Go

This will be the last poem I will bleed for you

But this won’t be the last love poem I’ll breathe life into

You will not be the last person I will break my heart open either

Someone who think of me as such, couldn’t be my last 

Notice how every line has the word ‘last’ in it?

Because I thought we would last

I thought, this is my forever at last!

Turns out, this isn’t and you’re now my past…

When you said I am too much, did you mean

Because I want the kind of love that annihilate me?

Or is it because I want all of you, not just bits and pieces but all of them?!

Or is it because I want what I want and I’ll never shrink myself to fit into your hands?

When you said I am too much

You probably forgot that I matter

I occupy space, I have a mass that could weigh weak people down

You forgot I am important 

When you said I am too much

It burns like betrayal

You held my body, we were on fire and at those moments

You never think I was too much, did you?

When you said I am too much

You did not only break me into a thousand pieces

You also broke all the unbreakable things I thought

Would be unbreakable by now

When you said I am too much

You forgot to remember that I also love too much

And that forgetting you would turn my world upside down

Because I don’t know how to give less

Because I am too much, so is my heart….

27.10.2017 ┬ębluesirie

A Love to Last

they say, “we rise by lifting others”

I would climb 29,029 ft

that’s the Mount Everest for you

ascend up to 2,722 ft and that’s 

the tallest man-made building

I would lift you up again and again

and if you fall and fail 

stuck up in a well

I will be there,

so you don’t have to be alone

remind you over and over

that we only fall

in order to rise

and I don’t know how to love

a perfect love

but I know how to love

a love that lasts…

25.10.2017 bluesirie

Good Love

When I said I want a good love

I meant, I want a love that will choose me


I meant, I want someone who will be with me

even when I’m unbearable, impossible
even on days when I’m a reiterating mistake
specially on days when I’m a weeping orchestra
I want a good enough love that will stay

When I said I want a good love

I didn’t mean it to be you

but when I meant a good love

there’s just no one like you…

If I Needed to Become a River

I, always thought I’m too much that

not everyone can withstand me and

just like a fire,

all I know is how to burn

Lately, I feel I like I have to become

bigger than

the Great Chicago fire, to make up for all your love


could stretch out to few infernos


Sometimes, I feel like-

you are asking me to flow

and I am no river you know

I have always been a fire

I either burn or glow

if I could expand myself enough for

me to create a fire of waves

be an ocean full of flames

would I be enough?

lately, you are growing so fast and wide

I am no longer sure if

if I can stretch myself further

for us to be together 

after all, I’m just a fire

and I can only do so much until

my flame starts getting weaker

and my heart gets cold..

2017.21.10 bluesirie