Message to thieves

well this is a bit unexpected, writing this just now. A thief/thieves broke into our house, do you see how awesome we people who loved to write are? We can take inspirations from these thieves too. Haha! This is my message to them…

“Haha! It’s alright, it’s not like it’s your fault.”…

The thing about thieves in the night is that
they really, usually, don’t come at night
the probability of them striking past midnight
between 1 to 2:40 when the dawn starts to break
is of high rate.

However, more than the material things
more than the cash value
more than their reason (which is still invalid whatever it is, lol!)
they have no idea that-
they could be taking something urgently significant in terms of
emotional sentimental values wrapped up in those items.

Sometimes, they don’t realize that
they don’t just take material possessions with them
they don’t just assume the people where they stole those things could buy them again, maybe not easily, but they’ll sure buy again

it’s really not that. It’s the memories
if it could be weigh in terms of memories
those thieves would have a hard time stealing some things

some things that would have equalled to three productive and joyful years of meeting people that eventually became friends with me.

Imagine the weight,
it could have never been lifted by just ten people alone
no, my memories are valued
to the point of over valued
so yeah, ordinary people who don’t know the weight of memories could have never fathom how to handle them.

Some notes that I’d always want to look back
because it always seemed like a
Love letter from far away loved ones
some thousands of photographs that could never be taken back again,
specially with people no longer in my life for the moment

You see, if only things could be weigh and measure
in terms of memories and heart-value
I tell you-
those thieves could have never taken something that figuratively just weighs
133 grams, 4.7 oz…



April 13th

Mentor Me


He drove me unto these
I learned a thing or two
but it wasn’t ’till he’s gone
occured to me what he’s done

The tender hearted,
an arm always extended,
from time, forever suspended-
for you, have departed

but you’ll live in my heart
with the knowledge you impart
the memories we shared
how you invariably cared

Mentor me a thing or two
matters not, I’ll remember you
for you’ve impacted my life,
helped me, depleted my strife…


April 6th

The Transporter

A river containing innocence
playing, swimming, diving
various resounding voices

It reproduces a childhood
beaming faces
securing embraces

Trees to climb upon
spider on a web,
crawling on my hand

playing in the middle of a road
outside the fear of danger
breeding friendships forever

Read me this
and I will arrive at euphoria
step into a paradise-
long lived…

April 4th


“Never fear being unattractive”, he said
since then,
I moved my heart in his’
wrote six lifetimes of letter
with him as my only center…

You, are on every layers of my skin
crush me- witness the most cherished feeling
bursting out of me
made- out of you!

Everyday, I scatter myself
on the floor of our memories
others said I’m littering-
I, call it living

You, held me twenty four times
the day you bid goodbye
and no matter how you shaped me
you couldn’t tame and calm me

Then I met a guy
whose heart could build-
an entire village if he wills
and want me as his queen, but-

I’m your green-skinned alien
I never yearned to rule
neither be the capital of a million’s eyes
nor the focus of an emperor’s heart

I, my only desire
is to live in your breath
document each time your heart-
would beat fast, all ’cause of me

and I will find my way to you
no matter how arduous it gets to you-

not one spark of beauty
not one refined jewelry
-ever comes close

to the flame in your eyes
the light of your heart-
a stunning aesthetic
that no one, goodness,

no one, on the surface of the earth
will ever come close
quite the way, I did
and ever will…

April 2nd

Tracing Memories

There were moments, I-
trace my fingers on my pillow
there, my hands tremble to feel,
an invincible shadow of you

If these pillows could talk
the world outside would be so jealous-
I, move tears to reach your presence
I, move the air to feel your essence

Today, an illusion reminded me that-
you’re gone
Thirteen seconds later,
something in my rib cage died!

Yet, my love was made-
from the strongest material,
from the deepest form of passion,
the loudest voice of longing

and I don’t know how to stop
if you’re gonna be on the line
’cause what keeps me going that keeps me striving-
lies on a beautiful art, that is you…