April 11th


And if distance
could witness
how we,
separately ache-
longing to be together…

would it still,
bitterly deny us-
could it possibly,
lovingly spare us-

of spaceless moments
of longest series of seconds
to cure this ache-
of yearning

to be closer,
to one another?


April 8th

I Miss You

You left me with an unfathomable feeling-
of sadness and longing
without something, to hold on to-
without you…

and it breaks me, god-
to a thousand pieces
as this pain keeps kissing me-
at the thought, of missing you!

Tell me how it’s done?
to breathe now that you’re gone
to stop crying in the night
darkest hour, how will I fight?

Let this ground devour me
once and for all
let the pain end it’s call
let death, upon me falls

for if another heart-ripping comes
even death would be ashamed
for there’s no greater tragedy-
than lovers divided, by destiny…

April 2nd

Tracing Memories

There were moments, I-
trace my fingers on my pillow
there, my hands tremble to feel,
an invincible shadow of you

If these pillows could talk
the world outside would be so jealous-
I, move tears to reach your presence
I, move the air to feel your essence

Today, an illusion reminded me that-
you’re gone
Thirteen seconds later,
something in my rib cage died!

Yet, my love was made-
from the strongest material,
from the deepest form of passion,
the loudest voice of longing

and I don’t know how to stop
if you’re gonna be on the line
’cause what keeps me going that keeps me striving-
lies on a beautiful art, that is you…



“Be careful, don’t fall for me.” he said
I said, “no worries, got it all covered!”
I knew back then,
this girl with a heart
you couldn’t move,
I saw no traces you could

I was wrong-

no matter how many times I hid myself
you had your way of finding me
So, I became the visible girl for you
made available in all your search

But our love was momentary
The pain must have circled three times ’round my heart
before it finally died
equaling three lifetimes

It was like a symphony of destruction.

I became shapeless, lightless, no substance
Becoming invisible,
I thought I wanted to be seen
to be found,
yet the truth is
I don’t wanna be looked at anymore-

my heart
to be

The kind that nobody could look at
yet, absolutely feel…

to be