April 21st

I’m soo lacking inspiration right now. Lol!

Lately, forever seems toxic
it’s becoming stagnant and-
that’s not how this heart
beats for you
It doesn’t stay onto one place,
no it doesn’t

My love wanders,
ever new and fresh
something forever-
can’t take credit for

I move my heart with the air
I move my love with the waters

and if there’s someone
who’ll stay in love with you
will you be happy enough
if you’ll find me next to you?

┬ęBluesirie 20130420


April 16th

I never meant to make you cry

I presume love would exalt us
that hope will direct our growth
with grace to shelter our hearts
and faith to an everlasting us….

If you could rip my chest open
you’d know it’s constantly broken
from the moment we’ve been apart
to this day I’m breathing my heart

We- were both shattered to pieces
I can not feel something, you can not
and if I have mourned a thousand nights
you dreaded light when it yields to the dusk

I feel them all, yet more-
you succumbed to desolation’s call
We didn’t mean to torment us
and this love to burn us whole-

still, a journey we bravely walked on
by the end of my life, I’ll engross a history
where once upon a time, there was you and me
that even destiny, would never disagree….

“I never meant to make you cry”-
was all you could say, you know what’s better?
I know we both made each other cry
and to top that? We agreed we’d do it over
if it meant together, once more…

┬ęBluesirie 20130415