Is it possible?

Is it possible to wake up
and not search for you?
hunt the words you left
and not go crazy over you?

Is it possible not to think of you
in moments when you’re not around?
Can I even stand in my own ground-
still be hopeful to sleep safe and sound?

Is it possible to live and stop loving you?
to go through life without reaping pain
will the heart not break when-
it’s made to shatter for the light to rain?

Is it possible to fall so hard?
If I wake up and you can’t be found
how can I think of fitting on to other’s heart
if only, to living and loving you, I am bound…

© Bluesirie 20130518


April 17th (II)

Local Flavor

of course I was kidding. I should strict to writing poetry as that’s what the whole NaPoWriMo is all about…poems ✌

the fields are wider
and the breeze- purer
oh, grasses are grand
in the place I ran

the road is the playground
for vehicles rarely pass,
pollution is a stranger
from the place I’ve grown

Plunge into the river
submerge then float
feel the flow of water
streaming through your curves

familiar creatures
treated like a treasure
Families eating together
no one’s allowed to pass

Remind me-
of the local flavor
of routine simplicity
of the life I favor…

©Bluesirie 201304

April 13th

Mentor Me


He drove me unto these
I learned a thing or two
but it wasn’t ’till he’s gone
occured to me what he’s done

The tender hearted,
an arm always extended,
from time, forever suspended-
for you, have departed

but you’ll live in my heart
with the knowledge you impart
the memories we shared
how you invariably cared

Mentor me a thing or two
matters not, I’ll remember you
for you’ve impacted my life,
helped me, depleted my strife…


Thousand sighs and fighting

You’d laugh at how persistent I could get. I know You don’t wish me any harm, but You also know there are times I don’t understand things and people and events so easily. If these are the reshaping days of my life, You clearly have a knowledge that it’s been shaking me for quite some time now. And I wanna say, sometimes it’s hard You know. Even if at one point we all go through this. And I go through and through all of them each time.
Knowing I won’t be able to make it alone, it’s amazing how You’ve been carrying me all along. It’s weakening me to my knees when Your arms engulf me and I’m forever wrapped up in Your love. “Oh how blessed I and we, all could be!” my heart exclaimed as it melts.

Thank You! Together, we surely can do things I never can do alone. For emptying me to fill me up again. For loving me no one else can. For being the bestest best friend of this soul. Thank You for the never ending supplies of everything.

For letting me say things I wanted to say and still having it Your way and never faltering. Just because You know me more than I know myself and it’s always Your will. And it’s always done. And I am going to try to wrestle with What is at times (You know me. Haha!) because I believe at the end of the day whatever and whoever and wherever I am meant to be, I’ll definitely be