C. You Shouldn’t Blame Me

We kissed and I swear,
for the first time in my life
I considered,
like really considered
that maybe, just maybe
love also sometimes
equate to sex
and in the most sacred way
I mean that.

I realized someone could touch me
and I’d never feel dirty
nor felt being used or abused
caressed and loved and embraced

You taught me how to open up
showed me a different world to explore
so you shouldn’t blame me,
if my definition of sex is you
so you shouldn’t blame me,
if my definition of fire is you

so you shouldn’t blame me
don’t ever blame me
‘coz you make me love you…

you can’t blame me
if I’m giving you all of me
you just can’t…

©bluesirie 5.10.14


He’s Different

he’s different. He’s one of the few
I will always feel blessed
to have been gifted the chance to
connect with, even for such a brief period of time..

he’s different in all the sense that made sense- even to the ones that doesn’t..

he’s different, maybe only because my heart craftily made him so, but he’s different..

maybe not in the way you would expect it, but
in the ways my soul
would flutter when
his proximity is within

this world’s reach…

List of Things I Will Never Do for You

When you saw my scars you said it was

almost artistic. You said I could be a whale

of a creative artist. I secretly smiled.

See, no one ever saw my pain and gave me words

and looks that didn’t land as self pity on my end.

Suddenly three lifetimes have passed and

I’m still that girl running free on the memories

we shared together- I grew stronger.

When I gaze upon your perfected face I-

discovered reasons to love myself and know

that someone, just one, religiously believes in me

like a believer to a god without questions or doubts

he has faith in me.

I will never unlove you
I will never unlove you
I could never unlove you

This is the thing I will never do for you multiplied by the power of three…

Baby, I will never unlove you.

It was never an option. Loving you has always been

the default setting, the first time I

breathed your love in mine…

Bluesirie 20130711