Your Beauty

You marry words like couples in love
that I, for the life of me
wouldn’t know how to meet
much more- connect

You make me feel foreign-
on my own heart
fueling my adrenaline
rushing at your presence

Tell me what makes you, you?
I vow to preserve the only beauty
that makes me believe in the reality
of loving and being loved to infinity…

Bluesirie 20130725


Despite of my inconsistencies, I’m certainly in love with you

I don’t know if you’re just talented enough or

it’s really pure excellence but-

how is it even feasible to honey-coat your every word-

resulting to the evaporation of my being?

Yes! You make my heart melt

You make me believe in magic

You plant a rose garden on my cheeks and-

grow infinite love in my heart

How do you do it?

How can a single human being do so much?

How can my heart weighs so heavy when-

it only measure 256 grams on the scale?

How do you do it?

I see a labyrinth of passion in your eyes

and god do I get lost,

totally bemused gazing at you

(I don’t know how you do it, but let me tell you this;)

I want your words capsuled, to take in for your arms

they are warm; they soothe my restlessness

I want a saccharine outburst of your mouth-

transported to mine.

And in the complexities of my incongruencies,

the stability of my feelings for you-

I believe;
certain for no reason,

you have my whole heart,
you always did…
always will….

©Bluesirie 20130505

I love him

Every time I think of him I feel like
Éponine in Les Misérables
I feel like someone who will never be-

If only by the man of my dreams
If only to wish that-
when I look into his eyes
It’s my face I’ll recognize

I love him.
For the way his smile lit the darkness in me
I love him.
For the way his grace dissolves my indifference
I love him.
For the way he crafts word and tastes like fine wine
I love him.
For the way his hair dances in the flickering light
I love him.
For, his face- structured in a perfected way
I love him.
For his unapologetic ways of being himself
I love him

-but maybe,


on my own

© Bluesirie 20130505

April 13th

Mentor Me


He drove me unto these
I learned a thing or two
but it wasn’t ’till he’s gone
occured to me what he’s done

The tender hearted,
an arm always extended,
from time, forever suspended-
for you, have departed

but you’ll live in my heart
with the knowledge you impart
the memories we shared
how you invariably cared

Mentor me a thing or two
matters not, I’ll remember you
for you’ve impacted my life,
helped me, depleted my strife…