It’s Time to Let Go

I asked you to hug me- you didn’t 

I asked if I could drink-

you gave me a glass instead of letting me drink from the bottle

(I used to drink straight there)
I asked you to kiss me

I asked if I could kiss you

you pushed me away

turn your back on me
There is a limit to what I can take

A limit to what I can do

A limit to what I can feel

I have reached mine-
it’s time to let go.
You will come crawling back

You will beg for forgiveness

but you know what?

Maybe this time, just once-
I will betray my heart

and let you go…


April 1st

What will define me
when every way my hand touches this pen
-and the very ink that endlessly comes out
are strokes and sillouettes of you?

What will move me out in the land of tears?
Without your ravishing presence- I cry
though everywhere I turn to feels like- you,
breathing for me and all I can do, is live

What will Heartbreak feels
when I haven’t let you go
and you live inside my heart-
in a place outside the touch of time?

What will alter my endless love
when what defines it is beyond reason
and what moves me is a hope for eternity
and Heartbreak doesn’t make me love you- less? Tell me…