April 18th

The Clock

Time lingers for no one
regardless of who you are
yet, what’s in a time?

What’s in a second?
Minutes in an hour and
hours to make up a day?

Another concept of human?
stuff to cover the void,
reassurance to find solace?

Could we live outside its touch?
The world could crumble
yet, time would endure

I heard the car door slam,
and immediately looked out the clock
What time is it?

Time where-

you could be heartbroken
you could be grieving
you could be dying

Time when-

you are celebrating
you are joyous
you are on top

indifference, detachment
Time mastered these

to refrain from-

breaking, like you and me
enjoying, like you and me
being attach, like you and me

Time lingers for no one
regardless of who you are
yet, what’s in a time?

┬ęBluesirie 20130418


April 14th

Beaten Path

It must have been onerous
to mature as you are
the agony of living alone
leaning on no one

I couldn’t write your pain
how you weep inside
why hope become a stranger
and love you couldn’t meet

It scares me
to unravel a suffering
that could break me
in the process of discovering

But, allow me to- hold you
in ways no one ever could
in details you’ll treasure
in an infinite moment times infinity

and I swear, goodness I swear
I will dive in your pool of ache
cherish your every scars
one by one
by one by one-

for they have beaten a path that-
leads to a long lost

┬ęBluesirie 201304

April 9th


A sanctuary of silence
where grace is planted
love’s bloom are scented

Cheered by beloved’s kiss
picture me this-
showered by bliss

You speak in my solitude
invoke in me a gratitude
seize away incertitude

This feeling of elation
of never ending devotion
as you calm my emotion

You know I’m a wanderer
by routine, hushed me never
allow, how my heart flickers

’cause I always come back to you
a lover madly in love with you
wandering that constantly leads back to you

when Wanderlust meets her beloved
incessantly come back, stimulated…