April 20th

Love and Allergy

there are allergies
within my skin
It can be treated by-
a simple tablet, but-

it seems the day
you left
I’ve been tending to an allergy
I don’t know how to mend

and though scars
have always been the product
I’ll keep multiplying the days
when this vulnerability strikes

if only to meant
happiness on your end
even for just-
the fastest series of


┬ęBluesirie 20130419


April 15th

something out of nothing

“This makes me jealous!”
a fellow blurted
a smirk grew upon my face
as I reminisce those dainty days

Is- this love sufficient
to make a man envious
decoding a spilled ink
I poured out for you?

Is- living my life
to be summed up by you
sheltering covenants made- enough
to show my devotion on you?

Because sometimes, goodness sometimes
I wish you knew
I’d make something out of nothing
if it meant, just to be with you…

┬ęBluesirie 201304


April 10th

The Great Fire

They say, I am not written in stone
that anytime I could- set myself on fire
then like a star- explode
but, I’ve fixed my heart on you

They say, this too shall pass
in profound details tell me
someone who gave you reasons to live-
how could you- let go and leave?

They say, nothing is permanent
even our lives, for sure
but if I die and remain true to you
won’t they somehow reconsider my love for you?

They say, nothing comes above love
is it also written in stone?
Because then, I shall carve your love
permanently keep it within my heart…

okay, this a form invented by one of my poet friend, his name is G, ermmm..his blog’s name is Gavriel’s Muse, ohhh merrr gawwwd, you should check him out he is one of the best!!!!!

April 9th


A sanctuary of silence
where grace is planted
love’s bloom are scented

Cheered by beloved’s kiss
picture me this-
showered by bliss

You speak in my solitude
invoke in me a gratitude
seize away incertitude

This feeling of elation
of never ending devotion
as you calm my emotion

You know I’m a wanderer
by routine, hushed me never
allow, how my heart flickers

’cause I always come back to you
a lover madly in love with you
wandering that constantly leads back to you

when Wanderlust meets her beloved
incessantly come back, stimulated…

April 8th

I Miss You

You left me with an unfathomable feeling-
of sadness and longing
without something, to hold on to-
without you…

and it breaks me, god-
to a thousand pieces
as this pain keeps kissing me-
at the thought, of missing you!

Tell me how it’s done?
to breathe now that you’re gone
to stop crying in the night
darkest hour, how will I fight?

Let this ground devour me
once and for all
let the pain end it’s call
let death, upon me falls

for if another heart-ripping comes
even death would be ashamed
for there’s no greater tragedy-
than lovers divided, by destiny…

April 7th


It matters not how you weave it
compose, where you’ll meet it
but write her biography..

how she scraped her knee
when she learned to wound herself
expectations broke her heart

tears of joy flowed down her cheeks
the time she mastered how to tease
the night ecstasy woke her up

The way sweetness fall upon your page
how grace embrace your every verse
endless devotion, humble prostration

The way you touch your beloved
glorify in his presence
yet, tormented in his absence

“Like that, like that!”

Rumi, write my biography
in an avenue, only you-
could ever explore…