I Don’t Wanna Catch Up to the Letting Go

in honor of a dear friend who recently passed away. Now I know I have completely neglect blogging here, but I’m still here..and this is the first poem I’ve ever written for the last five months so forgive me for the lack of words…

from the outside it’d seem like we’re total strangers
like we never spoke anything in a deeper level
but we did and though the world didn’t take notice
we know, at least both of us knew

I don’t wanna catch up to the letting go
nor miss your acrostically woven poetry
I want to unlearn the fact that-
you’re gone

Dear Bud, I will miss you
for the way you love everything that you love
Dear Bud rest well, dream on
know you’ll always have a home in our hearts-
the lives that you forever touched

I don’t wanna catch up to the letting go
no, not just yet
I want to forever swim into the pool of our friendship
no matter how shallow it looks
Don’t make me catch up

to the letting go…
not yet….