Maybe I’m validating fear because you have a terrible way of feeling loved

ahhh! I hope to be back soon. My Internet connection sucks. At its worst! Lol! I can’t even post. But I’m hoping this one will go through. ✌✌✌ sorry if i’m not reading lately. Will surely get back on you one blog after the other. 🙏🙏🙏 praying for stronger connection. Lol!

You write about fears more often than-
you- “slide your phone to unlock”.
You make courage jealous for the beauty you sketch
as you wander around the avenue of it.

Maybe fear isn’t a bad thing after all?
I reckon it grabs you to the core so that-
you’ll know exactly how to breathe without one
Maybe it calls for an- active appreciation

one day I asked, why write so much about it.
How can you make it so elegant as if
fear is something to-
paint my wildest dreams upon.
As if fear is more delightful than being happy at all.

And you said, I am that fear for you.
You keep writing about me and the beauty you see,
that when I’m scared, I am the most beautiful in your eyes
I am, because you have never felt needed
than when I hold you without letting go.
And you think it’s selfish but you’re not sorry at all.

You said, that in all the possibilities that ever happened to you-
you met a girl, who wear her scars proud
who is strong enough to build her own walls,
brick by brick
who never let anyone see her crumble into dust-
and in all the miracles-

but you…
goodness, but only you…

I cried for thirty-six hours after hearing that.
I had to push away the interviewer on the front door
because he keep asking questions.
When all I ever wanted to answer to everything was- “I love him!”

Bluesirie 20130623


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