I loved a man I will never unlove

I keep telling my heart to stop acting

like a swimmer, and cease on diving for you.

You see my heart is broken, could anytime get the drownin’,

it ain’t no Michael Phelps at all.

Every time it sees you, it paddles

for survival. Your eyes makes me wish

I don’t have a pair at all. The way you look at me

I swear, you annihilate the air in me. But I love the ephemeral joy it brings!

You were that strong- or may be, I am just weak- addicted to you.

Yesterday I went out with my friends. They told me

to buy this kojic acid because it will help me-

to look beautiful. I said I don’t know.

I said, there’s a man who thinks I’m pretty.

Every time I awarded him a quick snob he thinks it’s sexy.

He said it’s my way of saying I love him. He thinks

whenever I don’t answer his text it’s my way of hinting him

to call me and announce to me that he loves me. I said, there’s a man

who doesn’t need to be reminded that his girl is gorgeous by any outside forces.

A man who has made up his mind.

I made up my mind too. I didn’t buy the product.

I stock a high amount of love you perpetually provide.

Oblivious how childish that act was.

You said l will never run out of love, not yours- ever. You knew.

You know my fears and you always try to kiss them away.

You said you never felt needed, connected to anyone but me.

But baby the truth is, the whole world could crumble and I will not blink an eye,

as long as it’s your hand I am holding. I will not dread anything!

but the thought

of living
without you…

Bluesirie 20130617


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