Prettier than beauty

They say, people get used to beauty
That if you’ve seen something long enough
it becomes ordinary
Neither ugly, nor pretty

I’ve been loving you for more than infinity
You’ve been gone for three lifetimes already
I’ve been told I was beautiful by many
-but I haven’t gotten used to any

I supposed people were lying when they say,
you get used to it”
‘Cause by now I would’ve pass my intoxication over you
Keep myself from getting drunk with the memory of you

But I guess,
beauty isn’t something to get used to
-or maybe not your kind
Maybe there are various classes of beauty
And if there aren’t, maybe-
you’re not beautiful

But you are my beauty!
The kind that conflicts with everything maybe,
so I searched the dictionary
to find a word prettier than beauty
and I found the word


Bluesirie 20130613


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