The way we loved

I have an out-of-this-universe tantrums
Some days, I’m just too much to swallow-
that taking me all in is more than self-harming
But you constantly accommodate me

I was never too big to fit in your room
No matter how I grew and expanded
Your heart always got me covered
Like the warmest sheets of white, in the coldest of night

So if I love you, if I cling on to you
Who is to tell me that it is unhealthy?
If everyday I write you a letter
Who would cut my hand; silence my pen?

Didn’t they know?

I was lost until I found you. You’re the-
rain that washed away all the mistakes I’ve ever made
The one who laced all my scars with-
all the beautiful words to love myself

Didn’t they know?

Love isn’t always supposed to be ‘together’

-for the infinite number of memories you gave me
-for the fastest series of seconds you kissed me
-for the way you wrapped your arms around me
-for the way we bid goodbye on that cold September night-

I love you!

And no love story in the world could ever do justice
for how hard-
we fell for each other
and how much-
is so much
for the love we gave

Bluesirie 20130612


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