I went to an EENT doctor but referred me to a cardiologist

I wish there’s a direction on-
how to passion-proof my heart

So whenever I traverse on your words
I wouldn’t be blown away by each episode

I wish you didn’t tell me you love me-
if you didn’t mean it; you shouldn’t have said it

Now, I found myself gripping-
on every edge
of the fraying words you wrote

I wish I could unlove you
But I haven’t found the unlove button yet

All I see are these heart-shaped icons on my eyes
whenever I see your name

So, I went to the EENT,
but the doctor said there’s nothing wrong with my eyes

I went to the cardiologist next, as the former suggested
I said, “Doctor, is there a way to passion-proof my heart?”

And the doctor said, “Karla,
I was taught that if someone’s not doing something with passion, one must just stop doing at all.

And if you wanna guard your heart against it,
why live at all?”

And I remember what you told me once
You said the one thing you’re most afraid of-
is not Doing

So maybe you’re really passionate
Maybe, I really like that about you

Maybe, I just try to convince myself I don’t love you
Because maybe I’m afraid-

because you always take me to a ride
one where nothing else seems to matter

-but you and I…

Bluesirie 20130610


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