You never really loved me

“He never really loved you”
I keep repeating this to myself
until I find the courage to believe it
You never really loved me

You’re just in love with the idea of me-
falling in love with you
Ecstatic about your own creation-
of wild imagination

Where you and I could exist
Dissolve in each other’s arms
Lost within the curves of our bodies
But you never really loved me

Because it isn’t love when you’re doing it to everybody
It isn’t love when every girls and I have no difference on you
It isn’t love when I’m treated like everyone else you met
Because you never really loved me

I wasn’t special. I thought we’re a pair of earrings
But you were never really searching for your other half
It was so wrong of me to think we’re a pair
When you’re on your own,

like a necklace that could drape on everybody’s neck
Where almost anyone
could absolutely

fit in…

And I am sorry,
but I believe there’s someone
(or something)
Exclusively for me
And damn I demand no less!

So maybe, you don’t deserve me
After all, you never really
loved me…

© Bluesirie 20130608


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