The first time I wrote a poem for a man

I never knew writing was for me
but when I wrote one poem on that month of June-
thanking you for being my mentor-
for 11 days
you keep thanking me

You said it was the first poem you’ve ever received
You said you were so touched
you keep reading it,
said you’ve already memorized each word

Days went by so fast. We fell in love
The way we are supposed to.
We knew it. We feel it.
Even just looking into each other’s eyes
send chills down our spines

But all things end. Nothing stays the same.
I know we both tried. At least we tried so hard.
So when you tell me we are done- I believed you
When you said it had gotten all wrong-
I agreed with you

But god my whole world fall apart!
Yours did too! We were broken-
broken apart
We both drowned in the abyss of this-
place called ‘Over’, no wonder.

Today I sit at the veranda, thinking about you
Wearing this long white dress you gave me
The shimmering sun bathes me-
but I still think about you

Didn’t you know?

I have forgotten there are too many fish in the sea
Because, you for me, is the sea

Didn’t you know?

If you open my drawer you’ll find only my heart
Sewn altogether by the thread of your love

Didn’t you know?

I keep planting seeds of our love
Believing one day

I could really reap,
what I sow…


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