Belong (an honest love poem)

If I could get a hold of myself
I’d never glance at your direction
I’d never keep torturing my chest
just at the sight of your perfected face

If I have enough self control
I’d stop weaving words upon this dusty page
But when Andrea said an “honest love poem”
My pen leads me back to you

If my heart could stop betraying me-
If my hands could stop conspiring with it-
We could both put each other’s case to rest
But it won’t happen, it doesn’t happen so easily

You see, I love you. In the most honest way, I do
And I’ve forgotten where to draw the line-
between staying still or moving on
Or unimagine that summer afternoon when we play “I do”

I’m still unapologetically in love with you
I’m not sorry for staying beautifully miserable
I’m not sorry even when my heart could healthily beat-
103,680 times a day and yet-
I know I only beat the half of it.

Because the other half I keep feeding onto you
So maybe I’m unhealthy, maybe I’m sick
I know you don’t want me this way

But, what can I say?

I couldn’t belong to anybody
But you…

Bluesirie 20130608


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