Stay because I love you

Last night, I told my friend you’re the only one
I’ve always been so sure of.
That when I finally understood the art of not trusting anyone
you taught me to put my trust in you.

Everyday, you never fail-
to explore my left hand
It’s your favorite part because-
you said my scars are-
what makes me beautiful-

I didn’t believe you.

On our first month together, you gave me a wrist watch
said maybe I’d stop cutting if I knew-
you’ll be there watching me.

But there are days, and god are there days that-
I forget.
Days that I’d made you feel like-
you’re a balloon tied on my wrist and-
I’m a reiterating mistake.
Cutting you all over again.
Revolving on a disconnected service that-
I know I only created.

And I don’t know how to make up for your love
I don’t know how you could love all the flaws dripping through my body
I don’t know what makes you stay

Still stay.

Even when there’ll be days like this- stay.
Even when I tell you to leave- stay
Even when my selfishness rear it’s ugly head- stay

Stay because-
You are my sky
and all the things of me are just the weather.
Stay because-
even with my uncertainties
you planted a seed of certainty-
one which was called
‘your love’
in the driest part
of my heart..

Stay, for you are the reason
I always choose to still-

© Bluesirie 20130507


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