Burying and reclaiming love

When my best friend told me “just don’t hurt him”,
I thought he wasn’t capable of hurting me.
He who taught me to stop feeding my fears and-
never regret what I can do and feel.

Now, I only wanted to know if-
I can bury love and reclaim it again?
Now, I only wanted to know if-
you were really meant
to be on my end?

is such a terrible ache, I’d never want to date
But when I met you, I thought I’m going all in
So, we dated. Thirty-six hours later
after our eighth date you said,
you wanted to make love with me

I was shaking. I wasn’t ready,
I was a woman wrapped up with too many values
so instead,
I carved my heart out of my chest-
wrapped it with your favorite Marvin the Martian wrapper-
ribboned it with my blue hair strands-

and asked you to take it.
You refused it.
My whole system shattered.
I was devastated.

So, that night, I slept without my heart
I was so drunk I must have dropped it somewhere
somewhere deeper like 36 feet below the ground

and maybe, just maybe
days, weeks or years from now
it will grow,
to something rich and steady
like a tree. And maybe,
I could reclaim the love I deserve
where once upon a time,
I preserved…


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