To the man who thinks he can save me

So, you think I’m a lost soul?
How do you even plan on saving someone who-
doesn’t even need help to begin with?

Do you plan on saving me with your sugar-coated words or
your prince-charming style because-
I’ve got no time for that

It is enough that you tell me you love me when-
you announce it to every girl you met, just-
don’t think I’m foolish enough to believe a lie

Honey I’m tired of the game you play
I am not someone who’ll bend for such childish ways
If you want lots of love, you’ll never find it here because-

I only one have one heart to give
I only have one eternal love to use
one book of love letters to publish and-
I hate to break it to you but-

You’re not worth a page
on the dusty leaves
of my one and only book..

and the thought of saving me
is three lifetimes late already
I’ve fallen
in the hadal depths of love
with someone
who isn’t you…

© Bluesirie 20130506


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