To the girl who keeps flirting with my man

You will never know what it feels like
to be courted by him
To receive love letters
with a scent of his neck

You could never have the same moment
we’ve had like-

when he walks under the rain
outside our campus, ignoring how the people
would see him begging,
begging for me to forgive him

I’m the only one who will know
how his hands are like waves
for the way it’s water crashes
against mine

Your mind will blow for-
the pureness of his intention to be with me

I met his family, and his sister and I-
we shared the same name

And maybe you live from whatever he could give but-

Did you know that he draws his breath from me?

That the very same life you want to own
decided I could keep him safe and-

allowed me to breathe for the two of us?

And maybe you think
you can feed him the entire universe
But girl I tell you

You have to take the sun
out of the earth
to get this kind of love

and maybe one day you will
but not with my man…

for we will only be a cycle of loved-unloved-and loved
you being the unloved…

© Bluesirie 20130503


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