Diabetic because of you

You send me love letters everyday
and I used to be okay, to-
read each lines as I drink a bottle of
a 300 ml coca- cola
as early as 5:36 in the morning


Because you drain the sugar in my body
it automatically collapses as each word
hits something in my ribcage

Yet, after reading your handwritten letters
I keep paddling to my medicine cabinet
trying to reach the insulin
I needed to inject within me

-It always feels like battling for my life

You emptied and fill me to the brim
and sometimes it seems
loving you is something I could apply
for a job for

-I have to work so hard for it

and I wonder if I’m staying because I love what I do, or-
what I can get out of it are just-
the basic necessities of life
I needed
to survive…yet-
not a chance of a healthy life…

©Bluesirie 20130529


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