I wish, I could be selfish enough to
tell you not to get married but

I have a certain feeling I
can’t repress you and

why should I if,
I perceive you’ll be- happy?

I remember when you’ll asked me to
buy you your clothes because

you pronounced whatever I like you will
surely love. Moreover you think,

I can grasp what you want besides the fact that
I can fit in your- shirt

the same manner you’ll boundlessly
fit into my- heart.

I recall when I begged you to
play scrabble with me no matter

how bored you were because
you wanted to watch the

French open or was it,
golf and Tiger Woods back then?

I dreamed of weaving a soigné of
words to make up a poem but

with you it was never- possible.
(Only because we don’t do saccharine shows yo!)

Last night, you were freaking serious when
you announced to me you’re settling down and

the air in my lungs climbed their way out
turning into the liquid state- crawling,

crawling all the way up to my
windows. There was a stilling silence..

And just in case you wonder for
a millisecond if I ever love you….

I love you, the kind that will always
compliment you,

like the sunrises to the sunsets and
the East to the West and to make me

feel otherwise is like
taking the sun out of the earth.

Brother, if I am a star I’d burned away myself
brighter than a supernova- so

in clearer details you could trace
how much I, love you.

Brother, I’m sorry if I can’t say anything
other than and more than-



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