April 28th

The Galaxy of your Love

There are unknown constellations
within my skin. Scientists proclaimed

they’ve never seen a puzzling pattern
“quite rare in it’s phosphorescence!”

they exclaimed. They didn’t know
I’d like to show but-

how do I explain you feed me the stars?
How to reveal there’s a whole galaxy

at the back of my hands, you painted them
exquisitely, like no one has ever seen

How do I tell the story of how you collect
the air and- breathe in me of beauty?

They would like to learn
where you witnessed what you discovered

How you did what you’ve done.
I stand up with full confidence as I say;

“You won’t fathom his struggles
to convince the stars to live with me

endlessly following the air to-
breathe in me the beauty of life.

Your mind will blow as to how
he timelessly wait for the universe to

showcase it’s beauty. His eyes fixed for
three lifetimes. Making sure he

never missed a detail.

So yeah! You will never be able to
see what he saw, do what he did

because to master that
you will first need to-

love only me. More importantly,
be loved in return but

I don’t think I have the command to
love anyone the way, I loved him…

©Bluesirie 20130427


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