April 26th

ohhh my goodness!!! Just four more days and I would’ve completed my first ever successful NaPoWriMo! Wooohooo!!!!

The Camera

“That’s an amazing camera!” they said
in terms of monetary value, maybe but

there’s a camera that my heart will
always be jealous of, the same way

only the thorns, ’till hell freezes over
will be able to fathom what

it feels like to be with the rose.

It’s the moment where he captured me
and you, together. And I wonder

how he took it without ever
burning himself in the process for we-

together, have always been set on
fire. Not in any under condition will

I ever know how it feels to
set my camera, point it towards you

look at the viewfinder and behold
a beauty so ravishing, and I imagine

if my finger could ever betray me
not pressing the shutter because

a physical beauty made out of you will
never ever do you justice

not in a two dimensional paper
could ever explicate

the beauty of being you…

©Bluesirie 20130425


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