Message to thieves

well this is a bit unexpected, writing this just now. A thief/thieves broke into our house, do you see how awesome we people who loved to write are? We can take inspirations from these thieves too. Haha! This is my message to them…

“Haha! It’s alright, it’s not like it’s your fault.”…

The thing about thieves in the night is that
they really, usually, don’t come at night
the probability of them striking past midnight
between 1 to 2:40 when the dawn starts to break
is of high rate.

However, more than the material things
more than the cash value
more than their reason (which is still invalid whatever it is, lol!)
they have no idea that-
they could be taking something urgently significant in terms of
emotional sentimental values wrapped up in those items.

Sometimes, they don’t realize that
they don’t just take material possessions with them
they don’t just assume the people where they stole those things could buy them again, maybe not easily, but they’ll sure buy again

it’s really not that. It’s the memories
if it could be weigh in terms of memories
those thieves would have a hard time stealing some things

some things that would have equalled to three productive and joyful years of meeting people that eventually became friends with me.

Imagine the weight,
it could have never been lifted by just ten people alone
no, my memories are valued
to the point of over valued
so yeah, ordinary people who don’t know the weight of memories could have never fathom how to handle them.

Some notes that I’d always want to look back
because it always seemed like a
Love letter from far away loved ones
some thousands of photographs that could never be taken back again,
specially with people no longer in my life for the moment

You see, if only things could be weigh and measure
in terms of memories and heart-value
I tell you-
those thieves could have never taken something that figuratively just weighs
133 grams, 4.7 oz…



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