On remembering and forgetting

yes, this is a rambling. The talkative person in me won’t let me stop talking. Lol! šŸ˜›

We all have reasons for forgetting to breathe…

I remember being four and a half year old
hearing stories from my grandpa-
that I’m the apple of his yes
I remember how grand his story was
that I could tend myself to sleep
in a bed of clouds with-
sky blue laces draping on his chest
and at such a young age, I didn’t quite understood but-
he’ll always be the first man I’ll always love

and he’ll always be the story I’ll always want to fall asleep with-
up until today, the only addition is the company of Rumi

I remember the first man
who manage to broke my heart
and just like that,
I discovered books more than English and Math

I remember the guy who gave me a bouquet of roses
with all the gym instructors behind his back
I wanted to disappear in that moment
but more than that, I learned how to break a heart

I remember being deeply loved
appreciated and tolerated
forgiven, have always been given
I remember loving, loving
Ohh loving the people who changed me
Who keeps changing me-
all for the better, yes for the better

I remember loving people and realizing
their well-being’s utmost importance

I know I’ve always been far from perfect
and this world will always be a balance of everything no matter how you disagree with me

Remember it like the back of your hands
or every single mole in your body
every wound turned into scars
the heartbreaks that causes your heart’s break for what no longer serves you
every shattering that allows an opening
-an open broken heart

We all have reasons for remembering to breathe..
and sometimes you shouldn’t forget
the urgent, highest, grandest reason
will always be


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