April 19th

There is no Forever

My brother asked me to-
stop writing about you
planting forever in my head like-
a destination I could arrive at

because, he said
“there. Is. No. Forever”
the cruelty of his words
crucified my heart in a heartbeat

I was informed about impermanence
I’ve had fleeting hopes of eternity to last
thousands of achingly grand reasons why I’m-
all about you times three lifetimes

Now, here comes my brother
telling me I’ve done enough
suggesting I move on
tending a seed he planted in my heart, but-

it’s okay to finally be happy, to-
stop crying in my sleep, just-
don’t ask me to forget, it-
would shatter me, don’t even bet

If there’s no forever, then-
I shall love you with every-
breathing moment of my life, for-
it isn’t enough to begin with….

©Bluesirie 20130418


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