April 17th

Today will have to be more like a prose in regards to the Boston attack

If I were to carve my head wide open, I will find names I did not know made me.

I recently told my friend how, cruel documentaries could turn me into some absurd irrational person capable of inflicting pain towards another human being who could not, with all their hearts on their chest, beating organically like us, shows compassion towards another life form.

The verisimilitude of me, resenting people at times like those, is high. Lol!
However, I, no matter in what circumstances and instances, is in fact, glad to be human. I just don’t think that sometimes, it’s something to be proud of. Haha!

Moreover, news this morning made me took a walk and find refuge under the shade of a huge tree. Wherein, lightness and darkness simultaneously touched my skin as the wind took the leaves to dance to console me. This is the kind of tree that no matter how I strive to embrace wouldn’t allow me to. My hands could cradle one of the most precious gift of life, yet I can’t hug a tree. Which made me question my ‘abilities’ as a ‘human’ being. Then I close my eyes as the wind gently blows away my hair and whispers behind my ears, ” Karla, your hands may have graced the most treasured gifts you humans could have traced your hands with, and that is fine, but for us, you are the most invaluable, delicate present we could ever had. Allow us, the privilege to make you feel it so.” (Ahh!! this is probably one of the best part of being human, i told myself) and before I could even start analyzing things, I realized I was being nestled by nature’s loving arms, in the form of a tree…and my worry that by the time it is quiet, much will have been said and nothing will have been done, finally subsided…


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