April 10th

The Great Fire

They say, I am not written in stone
that anytime I could- set myself on fire
then like a star- explode
but, I’ve fixed my heart on you

They say, this too shall pass
in profound details tell me
someone who gave you reasons to live-
how could you- let go and leave?

They say, nothing is permanent
even our lives, for sure
but if I die and remain true to you
won’t they somehow reconsider my love for you?

They say, nothing comes above love
is it also written in stone?
Because then, I shall carve your love
permanently keep it within my heart…

okay, this a form invented by one of my poet friend, his name is G, ermmm..his blog’s name is Gavriel’s Muse, ohhh merrr gawwwd, you should check him out he is one of the best!!!!!


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