“Be careful, don’t fall for me.” he said
I said, “no worries, got it all covered!”
I knew back then,
this girl with a heart
you couldn’t move,
I saw no traces you could

I was wrong-

no matter how many times I hid myself
you had your way of finding me
So, I became the visible girl for you
made available in all your search

But our love was momentary
The pain must have circled three times ’round my heart
before it finally died
equaling three lifetimes

It was like a symphony of destruction.

I became shapeless, lightless, no substance
Becoming invisible,
I thought I wanted to be seen
to be found,
yet the truth is
I don’t wanna be looked at anymore-

my heart
to be

The kind that nobody could look at
yet, absolutely feel…

to be


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