After All

I was searching for answer when my heart was shocked in pain
I was looking for something I could hold on so, I won’t go insane
I was searching outside of myself and never thought it was all for vain
because I couldn’t see in colors

It was you who told me you’ll back me up
It was you who told me to question and never stop
It was you who told me one day I’d reach the top
but I have gone deaf and couldn’t hear a sound

People spoke of depth and beauty inside
People spoke of silence and stillness that within resides
People spoke of unconditional love that wouldn’t subside
but I couldn’t find the bliss

It was the faded blue sky that I finally saw
It was the smell of the rain that showed me a way
It was the sight of the wind that cleared my heart
but I couldn’t forget the past



It’s hard
Not to think about you everyday
Set aside 5 or 10 minutes of my day
It’s hard
You, blocking my eyes and my way
But it’s even harder
If I don’t get to think of you
If I don’t get to see the beauty of you
If I don’t give 5 minutes of my life

For you

It’s harder because

Angelina Jolie didn’t know what it feels like to be with you

Rome wasn’t built for a day but I did; my entire empire around you

Bright lights of Eiffel Tower can’t even compare to the brightness of you

The wall of China didn’t know about your stellar silhouette

The Bar-headed goose didn’t know how high you could reach the sky

Audrey Hepburn didn’t know about your existence

It’s harder because I know.
I do.
It’s harder because yours is a beauty I can never forget
It’s harder because you are

Beautiful alone
Bright alone
Lovely alone
Flying high alone

It’s harder because
In my heart, while you seemed like a weed that keeps on growing no matter how many times i step on it
no one will ever know that
God, your memories grow the most spectacular flowers!


But, if I write you another letter
and tell you you’re all the love I need
will you fall upon me
or climb your way up to me?

If I tell you I am made of what you’ve fiiled me
and I am all I’ve never been for you
will you meet with my heart promise to never part?

And whether you will or will not
and I only have control of the love I give
will you always remember
my unconditional is forever?


Photo by T.K.G.