Thousand sighs and fighting

You’d laugh at how persistent I could get. I know You don’t wish me any harm, but You also know there are times I don’t understand things and people and events so easily. If these are the reshaping days of my life, You clearly have a knowledge that it’s been shaking me for quite some time now. And I wanna say, sometimes it’s hard You know. Even if at one point we all go through this. And I go through and through all of them each time.
Knowing I won’t be able to make it alone, it’s amazing how You’ve been carrying me all along. It’s weakening me to my knees when Your arms engulf me and I’m forever wrapped up in Your love. “Oh how blessed I and we, all could be!” my heart exclaimed as it melts.

Thank You! Together, we surely can do things I never can do alone. For emptying me to fill me up again. For loving me no one else can. For being the bestest best friend of this soul. Thank You for the never ending supplies of everything.

For letting me say things I wanted to say and still having it Your way and never faltering. Just because You know me more than I know myself and it’s always Your will. And it’s always done. And I am going to try to wrestle with What is at times (You know me. Haha!) because I believe at the end of the day whatever and whoever and wherever I am meant to be, I’ll definitely be




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