to trust your heart

to trust your heart

…it’s not easy to trust your heart
go against the grain,left the world behind you
yet, that’s why you’ve always been protected
honesty,one of the highest form of love……

-karla avila navarro

-karla avila navarro


2 thoughts on “to trust your heart

  1. Is honesty the true form of love? Or is the need to protect your loved ones from harm sometimes the greater form of love? Ex. for me to hold back information from my spouse that I am sick with a terminal disease so that we could enjoy a few extra months of non-clouded pleasant moments without death looming over us? Just a hypothetical situation that I made up, in no way is this about me. It’s an interesting thing to contemplate. Sometimes, the truth is too powerful to be unleashed.

    • Hello 🙂 honesty is just ‘one’ of the highest form of love, that was actually from my own opinion alone. :)we are always free to say and act according to what we believe is the ‘right’ thing for us.

      Freedom and love goes together, there is a kind of love that knows such freedom and honesty is one of it’s roots. Death is the destiny we all share:) it’s okay to be sad about death, but we know that we won’t live forever. We live. We laugh. We love. We die. Telling the truth won’t always be easy, but what is there to be afraid of when someone’s telling the truth? It may be straight and sharp, yet truth remains to be the truth, it’s always the language of the heart. ( yet your ‘truth’ may not always be another person’s ‘truth’) it was nice seeing your comment 🙂 Much love 🙂

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